About My Rubber Stamps

The rubber part of a stamp is called the die.  I make my dies from genuine natural red rubber.  The moulds used to form the dies are made from deep etched engravings, which give the dies excellent relief.  Relief is the height at which the printing surface of the die sits above the base of the rubber.  It is relief and tight trimming that result in excellent images without edges and centres accidentally printing. In the picture below you can see the depth of relief these stamps have.

Stamp dies are mounted on 1/16" black cushion.  The dies are then very tightly trimmed on a modified scroll saw.  I guarantee you will find no finer trimmed stamps than these.  Trimmed dies are mounted on Hard Eastern Maple.  My maple mounts are milled with perfectly sized finger grooves from rough boards.  The mounts are substantial 13/16" thick. I take a great deal of care in mounting my dies and labels so that you can accurately place your image when you stamp.

My umounted raw rubber dies come untrimmed and without foam backing. If you like, I will professionally trim and mount them on EZMount cushion for a small fee. Simply select "Trimmed on EZMount" when adding the image to your shopping cart.