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All Christmas Rubber Stamps

Stamps are shown on hard maple mounts. Other options are available when you click on the image and select a mounting option.

Model: 1116-E
A Christmas wreath with holly and berries, and a trio of poinsettia flowers. This Christmas stamp has just the perfect spot in the centre to stamp our little Merry Christmas.A touch of vintage vibe makes this holly wreath perfect for your Christmas card creations.Image: 2.4" high by 3.11" wideBlock:..
Model: 1115-C
This snowflake design has what appears to be wire wrapped around the shorter "spokes" or "needles", giving a certain texture. Perfect for making Christmas Cards or many other winter themed creationsBlock: 2" wide by 2" highImage 1.8" wide X 1.8" high..
Model: 1110-B
OK what could be happier than a pug decorated for Christmas! This image should make everyone smile!If you are looking for a dog decorated for Christmas, this happy puppy is it!Image size: 1.05" Wide X 1.85" high Block Size: 1.75" Wide X 2" high..
Model: 1106-B
This special little gnome will bring peace and happiness to all who use him, well if not he’ll bring a smile to your face. He is a winter gnome (sometimes called an elf) with snowflakes on his hat, but feel free to stamp him all seasons of the year.Image Size:  .95" by 2.25"Block Size:   &..
Model: 1104-B
Oh my, this owl has so much character, you can see it in his eyes. He is prepared for a cold winter with his cozy knit scarf, so will make perfect Christmas cards for family and friends.Image Size: 1.25" by 2.27"Block Size:   1.5” by 2.5”..
Model: 1107-B
Another lovely script stamp for Christmas cards or tags or special wrapping paper.Block Size:     1.75” by 2”Image Size:    1.37" by 1.75"..
Model: 1109-C
Clearly this cat is not amused being dressed up and decorated for Christmas. A great gift for the crafty cat lover!Image Size: 1.55" wide X 2.4" highBlock Size: 1.75" high X 2.5" wide..
Model: 1092-C
This poinsettia's open design gives you the freedom to apply colours and embellishments, totally personalizing your art work.Block: 2" wide by 2" highImage size is approximately 1/4" less than the block size...
Model: 1089-B
Aside from their decorating uses, pine cones play an important role in nature. Like all plant parts, they have a very specific function in the plant world.Here are some fun facts about pine cones you might not know;Pine cones only come from pine trees, although all conifers produce cones.Pine cones ..
Model: 1078-A
Did you know that “Joy to the World” was not written as a Christmas carol? In its original form, it had nothing to do with Christmas. It wasn’t even written to be a song. In 1719, Isaac Watts published a book of poems, with each each poem based on a psalm. Watts interpreted psalm 98 as a celebration..
Model: 1072-D
Just a joyous little stamp of 3 singing snowmen, bring real whimsy to your Christmas and holiday cards and tags this year!Image: 2" high by 2.65' wideBlock:  2" high by 3" wide..
Model: 1069-B
Highly detailed image of a pair of snowshoes. Snowshoes for winter travel were almost universal among Aboriginal people in Canada outside the Pacific and Arctic coasts. The Athapaskans of the West and Algonquians of the northeast made the most sophisticated snowshoes. Frames were generally made..
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