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Miscellaneous Rubber Stamps

Stamps are shown on hard maple mounts. Other options are available when you click on the image and select a mounting option.

Model: 1058-A
A vintage suitcase with stickers from all over the world, places we all want to visit one day! Block: 1 1/2" wide by 1 3/4" high..
Model: 1047-C
You will get so much use out of this very versatile stamp. For a very special friend can be used for so many occasions.Block Size: 2" wide by 2" highImage: 1.7" wide by 1.8" high"..
Model: 1051-AAA
A little hand with a pointing finger, that way. How many times have you wanted to tell someone where to go?!A cute little vintage style stamp. Block Size: 3/4" high by 1 1/2" wideImage: .5" high by 1.25" wide..
Model: 1044-B
This Especially for You script stamp can be used for so many special occasion cards, birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, graduations, friendship, you name it. Image size;1.5" wide 1.8" high3.81 cm 4.57 cm highBlock size;1 3/4" wide by " high4.44cm wide by 5.08 Dimensions given are for block ..
Model: 1028-A
The ukulele (also spelled ukelele) originated in 19th century as a Hawaiian adaptation of the Portuguese machete, a small guitar like instrument, introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants, mostly from Madeira and the Azures. This ukulele design is roughly based on a Kamaka HF-3 standard tenor mo..
Model: 1003-A
A Jewish phrase of congratulations or wishes of good luck.Block Size: W 3/4 in. X L 2 1/4 in. Dimensions given are for block size, actual image will be 1/4" less..
Model: 492-F
A solid block rubber stamp for creative effects.Image and Block Size; Width 3 in. X H 3.75 in...
Model: 490-D
A solid block rubber stamp for creative effects.Image and Block Size; Width 2 in. X H 2.75 in...
Model: 1021-BG
A beautiful handwritten french script for use as a background.Image/Block 4 1/2" high by 3 1/2" wideOnly available, trimmed on EZMount cushion. Fits perfectly on a 4.5 X 3.5 in acrylic block.  ..
Model: 1013-D
A winged unicorn is sometimes referred to as a Pegacorn, or an Alicorn. A few interesting characteristics about the unicorn are, it can only be caught by a maiden. It walks so softly it's hooves make no sound. Their horns have magical healing properties. Unicorns symbolize prosperity and peace.Image..
Model: 1014-B
This stack of books can be used for a graduation card, a happy retirement card, a congratulations for getting accepted to university card. Use in collage, ATCs, or tags.Image: 1 1/4” high by 1 1/2” wideBlock: 1 3/4" high by 2" wide..
Model: 1015-B
A great teacher stamp, for all of those important forms that get sent home and maybe not returned. Just a friendly reminder to all those busy parents out there.Image 79/99” high by 2 85/99” wideBlock: 1” high by 3" wide..
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