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Latest Rubber Stamp Designs

Stamps are shown on hard maple mounts. Other options are available when you click on the image and select a mounting option.

Model: 1099-AAA
The carrot is a root vegetable, usually orange in color, though purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist. Image Size: .30" X  1.30".Block Size: .75" X 1.5"..
Model: 1095-B
The rose hip or rosehip, also called rose haw and rose hep, is the accessory fruit of the rose plant. It is typically red to orange, but ranges from dark purple to black in some species.Image size: 1.28" X 2.18"Block size 1.50" X 2.25"..
Model: 1097-B
"You ain't nothin but a"... but this one is so well behaved. The first version of “Hound Dog” was released in March 1953 by Willie Mae “Big Mama” ThorntonImage size: 1.14" X 2.28"Block size 1.5" X 2.5"..
Model: 1098-B
This delicate stalk is a great addition to your botanical stamp collection.Image size: .78" X 2.75"Block size 1.25" X 3"..
Model: 1096-D
This bare branch can be used on its own, with other botanicals, or as a tree when stamped upright.Image Size: 1.7" X 3.05"Block Size: 2" X 3.25"..
Model: 1094-B
This cute little kitty is just waiting for something or someone to play with.Image size: 1" wide X 1.97" highBlock size: 1.75" wide X 2.25" high..
Model: 1093-F
This grove of trees is from a photograph we took during a leisurely walk through the Squamish Estuary, situated in the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) peoples. Located at the tip of the Howe Sound, in British Columbia and bordered by "The Spit" on the west..
Model: 1092-C
This poinsettia's open design gives you the freedom to apply colours and embellishments, totally personalizing your art work.Block: 1.5" wide by 3.75" highImage: 1.3" wide by 3.15" high..
Model: 1091-G
You will love how this botanical beauty frames your favourite sentiments.Image Size: 4.05" wide by 2.77" high Block Size: 4.25" wide by 3" high..
Model: 1081-E
Hybrid tea is an informal horticultural classification for a group of garden roses. They were created by cross-breeding two types of roses, initially by hybridising hybrid perpetuals with tea roses. It is the oldest group classified as a modern garden rose. This illustration by Laura Kwok, is very d..
Model: 1080-F
The peony is a flowering plant in the genus Paeonia, the only genus in the family Paeoniaceae. Peonies, also known as "Polish Roses" are native to Asia, Europe and Western North America. Scientists differ on the number of species that can be distinguished, ranging from 25 to 40, although the current..
Model: 1070-D
A poppy is a flowering plant in the subfamily Papaveroideae of the family Papaveraceae. Poppies are herbaceous plants, often grown for their colourful flowers. This is a wonderfully detailed image, with just enough open space to colour to your heart's delight.Block: 1.75" wide by 3.25" highImage: 1...
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