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Wholesale Inquiries

I receive many requests for wholesale information and do sell wholesale; but can only support a limited number of select accounts.  As a home based business producing a finite number of very high quality stamps each year,  I do sell my stamps at comparatively low retail prices in order to receive full value for my efforts.  Wholesale accounts are only available to actual storefront businesses. 

With the exception of a small number of larger sized background stamps, exclusively created on EZMount foam backed cushion, only wood mounted rubber stamps are available for wholesale.

There is a low initial minimum order of $250, and subsequent minimum orders of $100. I also require a minimum of two stamps for each image ordered. 

I try to maintain a large inventory of stamps, and will strive to ship within 48 hours of receiving an order, however if I need to create specific items, I'll do my best to deliver the entire order within a reasonable amount of time. If there are any unforeseen delays, I'll contact you.

All orders will be shipped Canada Post Expedited service. 

In selling my stamps to retailers, it is understood that they are for resale in storefront retail establishments only. They are not to be sold via the Internet. I reserve the right to be the sole marketer of The Old Island Stamp Company brand online, through and my Etsy site.

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