At Old Island Stamps, we sell more ink types, for rubber stamping, than you would find in most craft or art supply stores
  • Pigment Inks: A pigment-based ink uses solid particles of pigment powder suspended in the ink itself to transfer colour. This type of ink is more durable than dye-based inks because it resists fading for longer and doesn't smudge as much when drying. Pigment inks are slower drying, which makes them very good for heat embossing. Check out our in-house brand of embossing powder here. We sell full size pigment ink pads as well as small, economical "cats eyes". We currently have in stock a few ColorBox PigmentColorbox Cats Eyes and ColorBox Cats Eyes MetallicNote: Sadly, ColorBox/ClearSnap ceased operations in 2019, so what you see online here is all we have left. 
  • Versacraft Pigment Inks: Fabric stamping is quick and easy with versacraft inkpads; versacraft inks maintain the natural soft hand of your fabric. Heat-set on natural fabrics (at temperature recommended for your fabric) and stamped images become permanent. Pre-washing fabric/garment is recommended for best results. Please checkout our current stock of VersaCraft Pigment Ink Pads.
  • Permanent Archival Ink: Permanent archival ink is perfect on all kinds of paper. As the name implies, it's permanent and has a consistency similar to water, therefore dries quickly, which makes it good for adding colour with paint, pencil crayon, markers and pens. Currently we are offering; Ranger Permanent Archival Black Ink.
  • Tim Holts Distress® Inks: Tim Holtz Distress® Ink Pads are some of my all-time favorites for their soft colors and special “alterable” possibilities. They’re different from other ink pads: They stay wet longer than other dye-based ink pads, so you can blend and shadow with water or other inks. Tap some on a paper, then spritz it with water and watch the colors spread. Click here to see colours available.
  • Tim Holtz Distress® Oxide® Inks: Tim Holtz Distress® Oxide® Ink Pads are water-reactive dye & pigment ink fusion that creates an oxidized effect when sprayed with water. Use with stamps, stencils, and direct to surface. Blend using Ink Blending Tools and Foam. The main difference between the two inks is the texture of the ink when you’re blending. Distress Oxide Inks are creamy and sort of sit on the surface of the cardstock. This allows for easy blending when you add a second color of ink. The original Tim Holtz Distress® Ink soaks into the paper and doesn't move much. Click here to see colours available.
  • Versamark Pad: This high-quality watermark ink is easy-to-use and versatile for both beginners and more advanced users. It is a must-have to capture crisp details in watermark stamping, so you can create tone-on-tone effects, emboss, chalk and more. Use it to add creativity and dimension to cards, posters and other paper crafts.